A day at Vienna Natural History Museum

The facade of Natural Histories Museum
The facade of Natural Histories Museum

I checked my calculation again and again. Even when we were on the rain to Vienna, I double-checked the timings. We had enough time for only one museum. I was in two minds between KHM and NHM. But few youtube videos later, I had made up my mind. NHM it had to be. It is said to be endowed with artifacts / murals and specimen from all walks of science. Plus it boasted of a planetarium too. Moreover, NHM remains open till 6:30 PM – half an hour more than KHM which made the deal in its favour.

Getting to the Natural History Museum

Getting to KHM (it is also called Naturhistorisches Museum) from the Airport hotel – infact any place in Vienna, is not very difficult. Ravi quickly googled the route and sent me screenshots which we could follow even without being online. So we could take an OBB train from Wien Flughafen (that’s the Airport station) to Wien Hauptbahnof (that’s the main train station). From the main station it is pretty easy to pick a U-train to Kalzplatz from where the Museums are within 10-15 minutes walking distance. We could use our EUrail passes for the OBB and only had to purchase the U-train tickets which were around 4.80 euros per person.

Sculpture of Maria Theresa on Maria Theresien Platz near NHM
Sculpture of Maria Theresa on Maria Theresien Platz near NHM

We emerged from the basement at Karlzplatz station (called U-bahn in German) and walked towards Museum’s Quartier. After a goof-up on the map and a km long detour, we arrived at this mesmerizing statue of Queen Maria Theresa. We took a moment to admire the sculpture as the queen majestically looks down on her subjects, with her courtiers and horsemen stand guard at the four corners on the base of the statue. We took a right and walked up to the stairs leading to the Natural Histories museum.



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